Allicin Pharm, Garlic Extract Manufacture

Allicin Pharm develops and commercializes garlic products from bioactive substances with pharma-grade efficacy. Such as Allicin, Alliin, Alliinase (Garlic Enzymes), Garlic Polysaccharides, SAC (S-Allyl cysteine).

About Allicin

Allicin is the key biologically active component responsible for the anti-bacterial activity of Garlic.

About Garlic

Garlic is the earliest documented plants use by human for the treatment of diseases and maintenance of health

About Allicinpharm

20-Years experience of Garllic research & production. Total 19 patents winned.


Alliin 3%-98%.......
Allicin 1%-3%;
Alliinase 5000U/G
Garlic Polysaccharides
SAC,  S-Alilcistenia

Garlic, a magical food, has been used for medicinal purposes in many cultures for centuries. Today, Garlic had been listed in many Pharmacopeias, such as USP, EP, CP. Consumer interest in the health benefits of garlic is strong enough to place it among the best-selling herbal supplements all over the world. Scientists are more interested in the potential for organosulfur compounds (mainly Allicin) derived from garlic to prevent and treat chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease….

Allicin Pharm focus on the research of medical garlic since 1997. Meanwhile we deeply cooperate with Xinjiang Medical University, and also some famous Academician teams in China, which make Allicin Pharm become the leader of medical garlic products. Today, Allicin Pharm is a Postdoctoral corporate site in Xinjiang Province, and we had got 17 national patents and 2 international patents.

Beside the technical advantage, Allicin Pharm always insist “Quality First”. We select the best raw material of medical garlic. All our garlic farms located over altitude 1500M in Tian Mountain and Qilian Mountain. These areas are far away from the city and human activity. What’s more, the whole production processes are completed in GMP condition. And all our garlic supplements or extract materials could be tracked in perfect traceability system.

Allicin Pharm develops and commercializes garlic products from bioactive substances with pharma-grade efficacy. At the moment, we could supply high purtiy Garlic supplement (500mg Tablets), Allicin, Alliin, Garlic Alliinase, Garlic Polysaccharides, SAC (S-Allyl cysteine). In the coming future, we will supply a series of Innovative drugs based on Garlic, and also more formulations for applications in nutraceutical, feed, food industries.

Any question about garlic or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you within 24h.