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Focus on Garlic since 1997


For nearly 30 years, Allicin Pharm has been known for the highest quality, safe and effective cutting-edge garlic ingredients.

Today, as developer and supplier of Garlife™ garlic extract based on extensive clinical support, sustainable sourcing methods and strict quality control, our commitment to our customers runs deep from delivering R&D formulation expertise and regulatory compliance to providing the best customer service and technical support.


In order to ensure high quality compliance standard, Allicin Pharm always adhere to the “farm to pharm” strategy, which is a total guarantee of control to the entire production chain from cultivation to production of ingredients.  In addition to the quality control made at our lab, we use certified independent analytical laboratories to test identity, purity, potency as well as microbial, pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals of our raw materials.


At Allicin Pharm, we continually works to build relationship with reputable world-wide contract manufacturers, distributors, brand owners, and are always ready to help our customers to develop new concepts and ideas based on scientific breakthroughs and latest trends. To further increase the consumer impact and value of our ingredient solutions we collaborate with experts across the globe to design rigorous clinical studies that may validate safety and effectiveness of our raw materials.


Nowadays, Garlife™ garlic extract ingredients are sold to contract manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and brand owners of supplements in more than 30 countries.


Allicin Pharm cGMP Production Line

cGMP Production Line


Dr. Zhong, Professor.Chen with Dr.Lee; GM of Allicinpharm;

Dr. Zhong, Professor.Chen with Dr.Lee; GM of Allicinpharm