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Garlife™ carries a wide portfolio of garlic extracts.

We are committed to top quality at a competitive price.

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Product List

Garlife™ GE-Garlic Extract, standardized by allicin, alliin

Garlife™ BG-Black Garlic Extract, standardized by SAC (S-Allyl-L-Cysteine)

Garlife™ AG-Aged Garlic Extract, standardized by SAC (S-Allyl-L-Cysteine)

Garlife™ GO-Garlic Oil, standardized by allicin.

Garlife™ Alipure- Garlic Extract 98% Alliin

Garlife™ AlIinase- Alliinase 1000U/g; 5000U/g.

Garlife™ Caps- OEM bulk capsules/tablets of garlic extract.

Redlife™ MK-Red yeast rice extract, standardized by monacolin-K


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Garlic Extract Powder high allicin manufacturer supplier

Garlife™ GE100-Garlic Extract 10,000ppm Allicin