Quality Statement

From Farm to Pharm

Quality Statement of Garlife™ Garlic Extract


Allicin Pharm views the quality of Garlife™ and other ingredients as a PRIORITY. We always adhere to the “farm to pharm” strategy, which is a total guarantee of control to the entire production chain from cultivation to production of ingredients.

Starting with the core raw material garlic, we provide the stringent guidelines that are laid out for all co-farms. In addition, each batch of garlic raw materials will go through 12 analysis when check in. These processes could ensure that every batch of raw garlic meets our quality standards, and provide assurance for the safety and efficacy of the final Garlife™ garlic extract.

These highest quality garlic will be manufactured into Garlife™ garlic extract in cGMP compliant facilities. These processes conform to the highest standards of EFSA, FDA regarding food safety.

In addition to the analysis in our in-house laboratory, there are numerous tests of finished ingredients performed by reputable third party laboratories before delivery.

Allicin Pharm do not only pay attention to the quality of the Garlife™ itself, but any materials that come into contact with food during the production process will be regularly tested and maintained.


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