What are the benifits of Allicin?

When you eat garlic clove/allicin, your tongue will be stimulated and excited, meantime you feel the aromatic & characteristic garlic taste. But the aromatic feeling of garlic/allicin flows away with time, then only uncomfortable smells left in your mouth.

As a chemical material, Allicin is not stable and very reactive. While they are not defects, it makes allicin at least could be used as natural antibiotic, antioxidants, acticancer ingredients.

According to many studies from all over the world, garlic/allicin activities are believed to have the following positive effects

  1. Prevention of cardiovascular attacks:
    • Anti-MI (Myocardial infarction)
    • Anti-Arteriosclerosis
    • Reduce platelet aggregation
    • Higher HDL
    • Reduce blood cholesterol (Hyperlipidemia) level.
    • Reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks and various heart diseases.
    • Reduce high blood pressure.
  2. Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities
    • Anti-resistant bacteria
    • Anti-fungal infections
    • Anti-parasitic
    • Antiviral (For example, Preventing the common cold)
  3. Prevention and treatment of cancer 
    • Restore suppressed antibody responses.
    • Garlic/Allicin has shown promise in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. Studies found that cultures with a high garlic intake have comparatively low cancer rate.
    • Garlic/allicin could inhibit the formation of nitrosamine, possibly reducing the role of nitrosamine in cancer.
  4. Improve immunity 
    1. (Garlic/Allicin might stimulate both humoral and cellular immunity, causing “T-cell” proliferation and thus restoring suppressed antibody response. Garlic/allicin is also believed to stimulate macrophage cytotoxicity on tumor cells.)