How To Choose Garlic Supplements?

There are total 4 types of Garlic supplyment in the market. All secret are hiden in the Label.

  1. Garlic Extract Powder 
    • Main active ingredients are Alliin, Alliinase, Potential Allicin;
    • Enteric-coated tablets that pass the USP allicin release test are likely to provide the most.
    • Recommended dosage for adults is 20mg Alliin, or 9.2mg Allicin;
    • Only exact number of Alliin, Potential Allicin or other active ingredients has reference value.
    • If you see  “Brand X contains an equivalent of 1000mg of fresh garlic”, Pay attention please.Water makes up 65% of fresh garlic.
    • If you see “Pure Allicin”, pay attention please. Even under the condition in Lab, Allicin could not be stored stablely. This is Why Allicin so active and effective.
  2. Aged Garlic Extract Powder
    • Main active ingredient is S-allylcysteine (SAC), S-Allylmercaptocysteine (SAMC), trans-S-1-Propenyl-L-cysteine
    • Aged Garlic Extract do not containt Alliin, Potential Allicin
    • Minimal type of delivering Allicin-derived Compounds
  3. Distilled Garlic Oil
    • Main active ingredients Diallyl polysulfide, Allyl methyl polysulfide
    • Some one said they are Allicin, while they are Allicin derivative. And they do deliver some of Allicin’s benefits, but not all.
    • Pay attention about the synthetic garlic oil, there are too many in the market. It could be identified easily by HPLC test in any 3rd party lab.  Or you could send us samples for free test.
    • FYI, Production of natural distilled garlic Oil had been forbidden in China due to the hard pollution.
  4. Odorless Garlic Oil (Or Dipping Garlic Oil)
    • Main active ingredient should be Ajoene (CAS #92285-01-3), Diallyl disulfide (DADS),
      Diallyl trisulfide (DATS), Allyl methyl trisulfide
    • There should be no Alliin or Allicin in this garlic oil according to the production method
    • But we have not found any brand of garlic oil contained Ajoene yet.
    • What more,,,, only 1% of oil-soluble sulfur compounds in 99% of vegetable oil. But we found many brands of this garlic supplyment even do not content any garlic…